About Us

Your Business, My Business

It is your business and you know best about your product and service.  We are here to help with translating your great products and host of services into a vehicle that can reach a much wider audience.  To do that, we need to partner together, commit and hold ourselves accountable to investing the time and resources to produce something that will grow and thrive year after year.

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Success Is a Collaborative Experience

Planning and building a website is a collaborative experience.  We carefully cultivate the care and vision you have laid out for your website and translate it into a tangible visual experience.  What looks good to us may not look good to you, so we will need craft a skillful balance between keeping the mission of your company alive, while removing your personal preferences and bias that may hinder the customers and users’ general preferences.  You bring the expertise in your products and services and we’ll couple it with our experience in buyer psychology and together we will create a site that is every bit what you never thought you envisioned.

At the End of the Day

Unlike other design firms, once we launch your new website – it is all yours to own and grow.  We do not claim any copyright or proprietary ownership of your site.  That means that if you want to make adjustments and changes after we have launched, you are not tied to prohibitive tickets, change requests or long lead times to get your updates applied.  We take this approach based on multiple discussions with small business owners who had grown frustrated with their lack of control over their own website.  Small changes seemed to take a long time to implement because the various design firms had to “schedule” the work accordingly.  After several iterations of the waiting game, many just gave up and looked at alternate avenues to market their products and services.  That should not be the case.  You should have complete control over your content to do with it as it fits with your various campaigns and strategic goals and we want to make sure you are fully equipped to take the reigns and carry on with your mission.


What People Are Saying About Savvy Web Services

Greg ChesleyGreg ChesleyOwner, Tonbo Martial Arts Supply

Flora is an excellent advisor for my website design and hosting. She is constantly pushing me to be a better business person. Given her detailed instructions and meticulous time schedule, she has been able to keep all of our projects on track and on time.

You don’t have to know everything about everything, you just need to know someone you can trust that knows way more about it than you.  For me, that person is Flora Ohara of Savvy Web Services.  She built my website from scratch, taking the few skimpy ideas that I had and turning them into a beautiful and functional site.  She helped advise me about key words and search parameters and general layout and readability and a myriad of other things that I didn’t know.  Since its inception, she has maintained the site, keeping it up to date and free of bugs.  She is always quick to respond to all of my requests and fixes any problems promptly and keeps everything running smoothly.  Let her do what she does best and it will free you up to do what you do best.

I love having Savvy Web Services design and manage my website. When my site needed a redesign from the original launch, Flora had done her homework and already had suggested layouts that would be supported and ideal for driving more traffic to my site. She made it easy to improve 😊If there are any issues with my friends across the pond that like to test Flora’s site security, She lets me know before I see an impact. Wouldn’t have anyone else do my site. She also makes it quick and easy to buy urls for future adventures.

Constance AnConstance AnSix Sigma Black Belt, Change Management, MBA, Author, Nat'l Public Speaker

I hired Savvy Web Services and was extremely pleased with the resulting website my company now has. It is extremely easy to manage behind the scenes. The navigation of the site is excellent. The graphics created for just awesome. I've never been happier and would highly recommend their services to my business colleagues.