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Not sure what kind of website you need? Not to worry, before we make that first impression, we will sit down for careful planning and development of your new virtual home.

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Webhosting by Savvy Web Services


Website hosting is required for all websites that are to be published for the general public to view on their web browsers. Without a hosting company, your website will not be available on the internet.

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Marketing by Savvy Web Services


At this stage, you have an awesome custom website design and exactly the webhosting plan you can afford. Now all you have to do is publish your site on to the Internet right?

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  1. Consultation > Let's get to know each other  and align on the overall project objectives.
  2. Complete the simple business requirements questionnaire.
  3. Participate in the design process.
  4. Review and provide feedback.
  5. Test and verify the site.
  6. Launch party!