About Us

Flora Ohara, Owner

Savvy Web Services was conceived out of an idea that one could turn a passion into a business. I have alway enjoyed coding and designing, often times doing this very same thing for my friends and family for fun. One day my mentor advised me that it was time that I really take this love to the next level. Armed with a Master's degree in Project Management and a decade of programming and management experience behind me, Savvy Web Services was launched with the sole mission of creating custom web sites that are both meaningful and useful to all of our clients.

In reasearching the industry practices and comparing with friends who have contracted custom webdesign services from various firms, I found the greatest obstacle reaching customer satisfaction was the loss of control over their own paid for websites. It seemed that the big design firms would claim copyright privileges that meant all changes, including adding new pages, updating data, adding specials, etc. had to be handled by the design firm, and often at a high hourly cost. The requested updates also times had a long leadtime since the work had to be scheduled.

Realizing this was an area that the customers would really be able to take control of their marketing campaigns and have accountability over how their websites would be viewed, I decided that Savvy Web Services would not be one of these firms. We will strive to get you started with exactly what you are looking for, and then arm you with the skills and knowledge that will empower you to take your website to the next generation.

Savvy Web Services promises to use all of our skills in management, creative design, and marketing savvy and partner with you to launch a website that we both can be proud of. Thank you for your business.